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The keys of comfort in your shoes being heels height, shoe stability, stretch of material, foothold and the match between the shoe shape and your feet shape, the choice of your shoes’ design is a very important step....


" Square feet " have all toes almost the same length, forming a sort of square shape, which makes it the best fit for the Straight open toe or Round closed toe shapes:


* The " Straight Open" shape (round shape with a crossing strap) is a great option as it follows the natural straight toe line of your feet.


* If you prefer a Closed toe option, the “ Round Closed toe” shape will be the best fit for you as it will give more ease to your toes.


* If you have popping out bones or sensitive feet parts, choose a design that fully covers it: having the shoe edge resting on it may be painful. Also select a soft material for better comfort.

* If you have a thinner than usual feet, better select a Closed toe option as it will prevent it from sliding forward

* If you have larger than usual feet, better select Sandals designs with soft materials for better stretch.

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