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Every feet are different but to ensure best fit, here are some tips to keep in mind:

-- More details in the Quizz here --

* If you have an Egyptian feet shape, the Pointy shape or the Straight open shape might be the best.

* If you have a Greek feet shape, the slender round ("Pointy Round") closed toe shape or the Open toe U shape could be the best.

* If you have a Roman feet shape, Round shape, regular open toe or Butterfly shape can be the best.

* If you have a Square feet shape, Straight open or Round shape can be the best


* If you have popping out bones or sensitive feet parts, choose a design that fully covers it (Butterfly and Heart cut are usually best) ; having the shoe edge resting on it may be painful. Also select a soft material for better comfort.

* If you have a thinner than usual feet, better select Closed toe or Open U shape, as it will prevent it from sliding forward.

* If you have larger than usual feet and/or sensitive feet, better select among Sandals designs and soft Leathers for better stretch & comfort.

* If you are not familiar with balance on heels, choose a larger heel for better stability and go for T-strap sandals for better feet hold.


Now you are good to go!

  * Customization not available on Mobile version  

 This page opened up separately ; you can leave it open and go back to the other pages by clicking on the previous Tab at the top 


Scroll through the Black and White Designs below


Scroll through the Heels options


Scroll through the Colors & Materials options

Colors will be located on the Shoes accordingly :



1. Create your black & white Design (Select Design a or b) ; if not sure yet Take our Quizz
a- I want T-strap SANDALS
b- I want other types of SANDALS
2. Choose your Heels (Best high for you)
3. Add your Colors & Materials

** Heel is same color than the Back of the shoes**

Color replacing Black

Color replacing White

** Platform is same color than the Front of the shoes**

If you want more options or if you need to discuss with us, don't hesitate to Contact us Here

* Please keep in mind that the above drawings are informative only, so the actual shoes could be slightly different.


Write down each code 

 on a Memo

Should looks like...
B-- , (M-- if 3 parts), F-- , H-- ,C--/--

Yes, the good old way!

Want to more options for your Shoes? You can also Add accessories on your order page!

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